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Sunshine Canyon Dog Rescue Last updated Oct 23, 2017
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Rescue Me ID: 17-08-29-00378Rory (male)

Siberian Husky Mix    Age: Puppy

Compatibility: Good with Most Dogs, Not Good with Cats 
Personality: High Energy, Average Temperament 
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current 

    Rory was rescued from a high kill shelter and TX and has been looking for his forever family for about 6 months now. His amazing foster parent's have put together this incredibly thoughtful 'owner's manual'. Rory has been tossed around and we want this next home to be 100% to committed to all that he is! We are waiving his adoption fee so long as that $395 is put towards training. Rory is an amazing dog who deserves a wonderful home! We hope you'll take the time to read about him. Rory is an active and energetic dog looking for a forever home with owners to match. He is great with other dogs and plays nice with strangers and kids. He's even ... (Read More)fine allowing other dogs to eat before and in front of him prior to receiving his portion of dinner. He does not growl or snarl when sharing close proximity with other dogs and his belongings (such as food or toys). Rory loves to chase and to wrestle with other dogs. He likes to play rough by wrestling and barking but is never aggressive when he does (this has not always been the case as you'll read). He needs lots of exercise which typically looks like going to the dog park every other day with 2-3 walks a day. In my case I take him for a long walk in the morning and then an hour or so at the dog park in the evening when working from home. When I'm unable to make it to the dog park I'll take him on three walks or play ball in the backyard for 10-15 minutes. This seems to satisfy his exercise needs. After a 30-minute walk in the morning Rory will lay around next to me all day while I work at my desk at home. He of course appreciates a raw hid bone to keep him entertained every once in a while. Behavior: The Bad The biggest issue we have seen occurs during transition. Two of the three households experienced this problem and unfortunately I feel that we failed Rory in not preparing his new owners with the tools to assess and correct this bad behavior. (I personally believe that there were other issues with the homes more than just Rory's behavior which eventually led to failure that I will talk about in more detail below). When Rory is frustrated and full of energy he will charge you and jump on you. Using his mouth to agitate or direct you to do what he wants you to do. This behavior is sometimes also seen during walks. This is really the biggest issue. Other issues are small and include things like chasing cats/skunks and not listening to verbal instructions when stimulated by this or other animals. Behavior: The Good Rory has so many good qualities and I don't mean for this letter to over emphasize the bad. I simply want to be clear where he needs improvement because his lovability is already apparent upon first meeting him. As stated above Rory plays well with other dogs, kids and always welcomes strangers to the house with a wagging tail. Rory absolutely fails as a 'guard dog' but is an amazing cuddler, companion and playmate. Rory does well at outside restaurants especially if he has a bowl of water and a bone to chew on. I often times will bring a cylindrical bone and peanut butter so that I can continually keep him engaged with his food so I can enjoy mine and my company. I typically will take him to the patio of Illegal Pete's or a local brewery but only after he's gotten his exercise for the day. That's a key point. Taking him to a public space and then putting a leash on him and telling him to be still is not a good idea unless he has been exercised. Otherwise he'll bark and bite the leash and attempt to escape. Make sure he's been well exercised and he'll behave in public. Again, a bone or peanut butter are great to have too. There is more to this letter but Rescue me has a limit on how much you can put in a profile. Please email us at if you're interested in learning more about Rory! (Less)

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